Stage 6 TAS

God has given each of us different gifts. We are different, but part of the same body. It is important that all gifts are used so as to build the body of Christ. (Romans 12: 5-8). Throughout history and today, God uses peoples’ skills and knowledge to contribute to His kingdom. When the Tabernacle was built, Moses acknowledged that Bezalel had ‘been filled with the Spirit of God, with skill knowledge in all kind of craft.’ (Exodus 35: 30 –35) When Solomon built the temple (2 Chronicles 3) he used skilled people.


Our broad aim is for each student to use their God given gifts, so as to enrich themselves, others and the Kingdom of God. For this to occur it is important that the following is recognised and encouraged:


            • Each student is a unique creation of God and is therefore different and valued.

            • A students’ attitude and approach to their work is a reflection of themselves.

• God has given mankind authority over the natural world to manage and tend it. Therefore each student will use stewardship and care for the materials being used. Where possible materials and consumables will be reused, reduced or recycled.

• Students will often need to work in groups, developing a caring and concerned attitude towards others and their work.

• Students will be encouraged to be open to changing their attitude, skills, knowledge, ethics and behaviour, by learning from teachers, other students and their own mistakes.

• To develop characteristics of honesty, perseverance, creativity, problem solving, adaptability and co-operation.


People with the enterprising skills of researching, designing, using materials and systems are vital. These important gifts are used throughout life, for the benefit of the student and the body of Christ.