Stage 6 Maths

This course begins the study of theoretical mathematics and how it applies to the real world.  It is relevant for those students who have a strong mathematical foundation as demonstrated by high achievement in the ROSA.  Students wishing to study this level of mathematics will have studied at least the 5.2 outcomes, but preferably the 5.3 outcomes, for Stage 5 mathematics.  The skills learnt at these levels are considered the foundational skills of the Mathematics 2 Unit course.  This course enables students to continue their study of mathematics at the tertiary level as a minor discipline or in specific areas such as the life sciences and commerce.

General Mathematics focuses on mathematical skills and techniques, which have direct application to everyday activity. The course content is written in five areas of study, with an emphasis on application of specific skills and on tasks that involve integrating mathematical skills and techniques across a range of familiar and unfamiliar situations. These tasks may draw from more than one area of study, and encourage transfer of knowledge across the entire course, as well as linking with study in other Stage 6 subjects.


The course is fully prescribed, and is designed to support TAFE and other vocational courses. It provides an appropriate mathematical background for students who do not wish to pursue the formal study of mathematics at tertiary level, while giving a strong foundation for university study in the areas of business, humanities, nursing and paramedical sciences.

This course is intended for students who are interested in further study in Mathematics.  The course builds upon the content of the Mathematics 2 Unit course and is intended to give students a thorough understanding of and competence in aspects of Mathematics, including many which are applicable to the real world.


It is relevant for those students studying subjects such as chemistry, physics and industrial arts.  The course is a recommended minimum basis for further studies in Mathematics as a major discipline at a tertiary level and for the study of Mathematics in support of the physical and engineering sciences.